French Interior Design

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my house, home and garden blog.

Some of my favourite interior design ideas have come from living in France for the past couple of years. There’s a lot that the French know a lot about. French food with all their meats, breads and cheeses. French romance with the beauty of Paris.  And last but not least French art and design.  

French design


Accent colours and accessories should be picked out wisely and they can create vibes and moods depending on the accessories chosen.  Bright vibrant colours and spring flowers are great for this time of year.


Style doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact in most of ways it shouldn’t be.  Update existing furniture simply and sophisticatedly rather than covered in glitter and rhinestones.

Paint it black

Controversially whilst most might think of French chic they might start with crisp, clean white walls.  Why not try black?  Just as simple and modern, and works great in large, bright, open rooms.


Adorning your house with rugs over wooden floor is a great way to maintain and upkeep your flooring as well as adding dimension and vibrancy to a room.  Break up spaces with several smaller colourful rugs.  Clashing patterns is very 2017 after all.

Play the waiting game.

With an empty, blank canvas some people feel the need to rush out and fill it all up at once. Don’t.  Take your time and buy decor and collect items as and when you see pieces you truly love.  That way your house will be a treasure trove of memories.

Bargain shop

You might think that you won’t find french chic furniture in ikea, but you’d be wrong.  Mix and match bargain pieces with vintage furniture to create the perfect French romance vibe in your own home.