Packing up your house

Packing up your house

Hey everyone, welcome back to my home and garden blog. Me and my partner are going to be leaving our current house soon and will be housesitting for a friend before finding a new place. This means that we have to slowly pack everything we have into boxes and get it all ready to move, and then keep it ready to move again. This can be quite a feat, and is something that many people(including us) put off ot the last minute and then end up making some mistakes throughout. To help with this, I made a little guide for us to use that I am kind enough to share with you all.

House sitting

The first thing you do is pack up anything that you don’t use often. Things that only get used once a month or less should be the first thing to go. Put it all in one place in your house so that when you go through everything else, you already have the big things out of the way.

After you have all the obvious things packed away, the next room to move onto is the kitchen. This might sounds weird, but most of us have accumulated a lot of kitchenware in our life, and most of it does not need to be kept out. Keep enough dishes and silverware for the amount of people in the house, and enough cooking ware to make a full meal. This might mean more cleaning up in the kitchen, but that is actually a good thing.

Packing up your house is a big job, and there is now way I can fit it all into a small post! If you guys liked this one, I will post part two of packing up your house next time. Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!